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Parade Entries Description
Entry No. 91 - 105

91. Calgary Stampede Farm Equipment Committee

These 1946 John Deere "G" and 1942 John Deere "A" tractors will be participating in the Stampede Vintage Tractor Pull presented at the Stampede this year.

92. Calgary North Stars Drum Line & Guard

This 15-member band participates in several local parades and is the only drum line and colour guard in southern Alberta that performs year round. The band plays "stomp"-type music, which earned the band a si;ver at the 2000 World Show Band Competition.

93. Alberta Reined Cow Horse Association

This organization of cuttingm reining and working cow horses is dedicated to maintaining and improving the legacy of the western reined cow horse in Alberta.

94. The Camrose Chamber of Commerce

The town of Camrose, Alberta, is known as the Rose City. This float proudly presents its theme, "A Place to call Home."

95. The Mule Named "Hoese"

"Horse" was the first mule to compete in the Telus Battle of the Breeds at Spruce Meadows. He's pulling a hickory and oak cart from Missoula, Montana.

96. Members of Parliament of Canada

Several MPs are riding in parade.

97. Canada Post Employees

Canada Post celebrates 150 years of service to Canada and the world. The stagecoach featured here was used on the "Lonesome Dove" TV series.

98. Calgary Stampeder Football Club

The Calgary Stampeders have been and integral part of the community, entertaining fans for more than 55 years.

99. Regina Lions 'Pride of the Lions'

Celebrating its 55ht year, this band has received recognition for outstanding performances in the concert, jazz and marching arenas. Its 81 members will be tracelling to Japan in 2002 to compete in the World Association of Marhing Showband Championship.

100. Calgary Arabian Horse Association

The oldest of all equine breeds, the Arabian horse is the foundation stock for all mordern breeds of light horses.

101. MeadowlandStock Farm

This horsedrawn entry features two Clydesdales each weighing 2200 pounds(990kg). The harness for 10-year-old Butch and two-year-old Spike weighs an additional 120 pounds(54kg.)

102. Calgary Chamber of Commerce

Barry Rempel, President of the Chamber, proudly celebrates the Chamber's 110th anniversary of incorporation. The members are riding in a vis-à-vis carriage from Mountain Tours.

103. Spooly's Haunted House

This alien pooper scooper crashed into Mt. Pooh and the aliens are busy scooping pooh to fuel their spaceship.

104. Alberta Treasury Branch

This three-modular millennium float signifies the ATB's commitment to banking technology, Alberta's youth and community involvement.

105. "The Herd" From Buffalo High School

Here from Buffalo, Minnesota, this 135-member band plays a wide variety of music, although you'll be hearing tunes with an Irish flair. The band is in its 14th year of "competitive" parade performance.

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