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Parade Entries Description
Entry No. 106 - 120

106. Al Azhar Shriners

The Shrine was founded in 1872 and today has 600,000 members, dedicated to helping others. For 75 years the Shrine has operated a network of specialized hospotals specifically for children. Watch for the mounted VIPs and wagons, the Tin Lizzies Corps, Air Corps and the Oriental Band.

107. Calgary Polocrosse Association

Polocrosse is the fastest growing one-horse sport in North America and combines the basics of lacrosse, polo and equestrain skills.

108. Pierson's Funeral Service

This antique horse-drawn funeral carriage was built around 1885 and used in Montana until the introduction of automobiles.

109. Penticton Peach Festival

This float depicts the beaches, orchards and wine industry for the area and the Peach Festival, which runs from August 7-12. Riding on the float are Miss Penticton and her two princesses.

110. Rafter Six Ranch Resort

Celebrating 25 years of great ranch vacations, Rafter Six is about 45 minutes west of Calgary and is owned and operated by the Cowleys.

111. Performance Standardbreds

This organization was formed in 1990 to give retired Standardbred harness race horses a second career as recreational horses. More than 100 horses have been placed to good homes.

112. Calgary Roundup Band

Playing western, contemporary and popular music, this 106-member band has travelled all over Europe, Australia and the U.S. Its members are between the age of 12 and 15, all who're looking forward to their trip to Disneyland this summer.

113. Sam Steele's Scouts

This commemorative troupe represents an important part of Alberta's colourful history. The Scouts are dressed in 1885 military uniforms.

114. Cowichan Lake Community

This float represents a reflection of the many activiities that are available around Cowichan Lake, located on Vancouver Island, B.C.

115. Chuckwagons

This convoy of chucks includes Super 8 Motels, Canspec Group Inc., Calpine and C.B. Richard Ellis ALberta Ltd.

116. M&M Meat Shops

M&M Meat Shops supports the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of Canada, as well as several other charities and schools.

117. Allegiance Drum & Bugle Corp

This community band has won more than 40 major awards in competition and will be competing in several events this summer, including the prestigious D.C.I. World Championship in Washington, D.C.

118. Town of Cochrane

Cochrane, just west of Calgary in the heart of Alberta's ranching country, is showing its western sprit. The town celebrates its 100th birthday in 2003.

119. Alberta Walking Horse Association

Tennessee Walking horses are known for their incredibly smooth gait and are an exceptionally versatile breed.

120. Calgary Fire Department Clown Team

Members of the Calgary Fire Depertment and their families have been entertaing kids along the parade route for more than 40 years.

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