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Parade Entries Description
Entry No. 46 - 60

46. Alberta Stock Doc Association

These dig enthusiasts encourage the development and traing of stock dogs for use in handling several kinds of livestock.

47. Firefiters Museum Society Calgary

This 1908 horse-drawn fire engine was restored in 2000 by volumteers and is capable of throwing a stream of water half a block.

48. Distract of Elkford

Located just three hours southwest of Calgary. Elkford is the "Wilderness Capital of B.C." and is B.C.'s highest elecated community at 4200 feet.

49. Hibbing High School Marching Bule Jackets

From Hibbing Marching, Minnesota, this high scheel band has 120 members, all between the age of 15 and 18. It travels throughout the U.S. and plays a variety of martial and show music tunes. For all you rock'n rollers, Hibbing is the hometown of rock legend Bob Dylan.

50. Fort Calgary Wheel & Runner

This family-oriented horse club was formed 20 years ago and takes part in several local parades.

51. MarLyn Ranch

The ranch is located just south of Calgary and is home to these eight black Percherons. Driver Reid Scott and his team will compete in the Stampede's Heavy Horse Competition.

52. The New Supremes

Riding in this convertible are members of the New Supremes, a take-off of the original Supremes.

53. Calgary Flames Hockey Club

The Calgary Flames, Flames Alumni and Harvey the Hound are big supporters of Calgary's communities. This is the Flames 21st year in the parade.

54. Top Guns Hockey Development Inc.

Since it's inception in 1997, Top Guns has provided excellence in hockey traning and guidance, both on and off the ice.

55. Regimental Pips & Drums of the Calgary Highlanders

First formed as the Calgary Scottish in 1913, this vand has travelled all over the world playing for a variety of occassions, including the Queen Mother's 100th birthday last August.

56. Slute to International Year of the Volunteers

Celebrating the International Year of the Volunteer, the Ismaili Muslim community dedicates this year's float to Volunteer Calgary.

57. Shopper's Drug Mart

The Shopper's Drug Mart "Life Bear" is 45 feet tall, filled with helium and is guided by volunteers to limbo and dance along the route.

58. Calgary Fire Department

Calgary's Fire Chief Wayne Morris is joined by Junior Fire Chiefs Alana Haynes of Calgary and Melissa McLaughlin of Anaheim, Calgornia.

59. Aldermen

Aldermen form the City of Calgary are riding in parade.

60. Hastings Raiders High School Marcing Band

From Hastings, Minnesota, this band is directed and staffed by its own marching band alumini. It has won numerous awards in parade and field sho competitions as well as outstanding drum major awards.

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