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Parade Entries Description
Entry No. 31 - 45

31. Regina Lions 'B Band'

These 54 band members are between the age of 12 and 15 and are from redina, Sask. They were the winners of the junior division Canadian Marching CHampionships in 2000. Celebrating its 55th year, the band concert, jazz and marching stage.

32. Windy Ridge Riders Association

This mounted group is a family-oriented organization with memvers coming from five communities within the Calgary area.

33. Chichwagon

This chick foundantion was formed in 1999 to provide support and memtorship opportunities for business-women and to raise funds for charitable groups.

34. Pacific Percherons

A hitch of black percherons owned by Craig and Toni Wilder of Ferndale, Wachington, is pulling a Loge Runner Bulk Systems wagon.

35. Calgary Sun Ranchman's Renegades

Children from the Albarta Children's Hospital are riding in this stage coach, courtesy of the Calgary Sun and the Ranchman's.

36. City of Trail, B.C.

This "Trail of Memories" recognizes the contributions of Trail residents during the last 100 years. Trail celebrated its 100th birthday in June.

37. Calgary Stetson Show Band

Although this Calgary band has only been around since 1988, its won many "firsts" at local and international band competitions. Thi marching band has performed throughout Canada, The U.S. and Europe and has 100 members ranging between 16 and 18 years of age,

38. Mount Royal Collage

In 90 years Mount Royal Collage has grown from 1534 students to more than 35000. This float showcases MRC's wide variety of programs.

39. Parks Canada Wardens

The park wardens in canada's National Park have used horses to patrol the parks since the incepstion of the National Parks 116 years ago.

40. Pioneers & Descendants

This pioneer group is a long-standing organaization is this part of Alberta. Members here are all direct descendents of pioneers who arrived here before 1890. THe honourary poneer gentlman 2001 is Don Edge. Oldest pioneer lady and gentlman is Luculle and Ted Togstad; Lucille is also Pioneer Lady 2001. The featured family for 2001 is the William Jackson family.

41. Danish Canadian Club

This Viking warship was built by volunteers of the Danish Canadian Club to commemorate the arrival of the Vikings in North America.

42. Kimberley Community Band

These band members hail from Kimberley, B.C. and range in age from right to 75. They play several styles of music from Bach to rock, Marches to swing and ragtime to hymns.

43. Lynnwood Ranch 2-horse hitch

The Lynnwood Ranch is located in Turner Valley, Alberta, and hosts several community events and fundraisers throughout the year.

44. Edmonton's Klondike Days Expositon

Klondike Days is held in Edmonton every July and offers visitors a chace to experience the wild way of the Klondike gold rush.

45. Alberta Seep Breeders Association

Alberta Seep Breeders features and exact replica of a wagon used in southern Alberta for more than 100 years.

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