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2001 Stampede Rodeo

The six major events of Professional Rodeo are the events that you can see at all rodeos sanctioned by the Canadian Professional Rodeo Association. The Calgary Stampede is no exception. The competitors in these events compete in two go-rounds, the top combined times/scores in each event will advance to the Short Go on Saturday. Top placing competitors from each of these six events also compete for $50,000 on the final Sunday!


  1. Semi-Finals/Short-Go - Final Saturday
    Each competitor competes on two head. The top 12(*) in each event, based on combined scores from first two rounds, compete in the short round on the final Saturday.
    (*) Top 12 with no splits or Top 10 with splits

  2. Sudden Death Finals - Final Sunday
    Ten finalists have the opportunity to try for a $50,000 bonus. The breakdown of contestants is as follows:
    • Top seven based on aggregate score from first three rounds (Go 1, Go 2 & Short Round).
    • Pre-Stampede Qualifiers
    • Canadian Champion
    • World Champion
    • Rodeo Royal Champion
  3. $50,000 Showdown
    The top four contestants in each event, based on their score/time during the finals, advance to the $50,000 Showdown. Each competes again, with the $50,000 bonus winner determined by the combined scores/times of the finals and the Showdown. In the event of a tie - contestants compete on additional stock until the tie is broken.

Timed Events

A cowboy has to keep the herd together at all times. Any cattle that stray away must be rounded up promptly. The Stampede has taken the all-day job and compressed it into a pair of sports, Calf Roping and Steer Wrestling, that are faster than a basketball breakaway. Both sports are based on the ageold chore of capturing the runaway before it gets to run away. In both sports eventsm the animals has a head-start before the cowboy on horseback is let loose. Starting of too soon results in a punishing 10-second penalty.

Another time event is Ladies Barrel Racing. This is only Ladies event in the Stampede.


A Large load of luck helps in the big three riding events: Saddle Bronc, Bareback, and Bull Riding. The rodeo judges base only half the score on a rider's ability; the other half is measured on how well the animal performs. A cowboy who draws a spiritedanimal will get higher marks. In Saddle Bronc and Bareback, the rider must keep his spurs touching the neck above the horse's shoulders. The spurs are made dull to avoid injuring the animal.


A salute to the Calgary Stampede Winners 2001

Event Name From
Calf Roping Fred Whitfield Hockley, Tex.
Steer Wrestling Greg Cassidy Donalda
Ladies Barrel Racing Jill Besplug Claresholm
Saddle Bronc Ross Kreutzer Maple Creek, Sask.
Bareback Chuck Logue New Braunfels, Tex.
Bull Riding Scott Schiffner Stettler

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