1999 Millennium coins:
Designing the Future


Janualy 2000

Designed by Donald F. Warkentin
Winnipeg, Manitoba

A ribbone in the shape of a 2 with three small maple leaves forming 0s make up the year 2000, while three small ribbones in the shape of 9s, symbolizing 1999, fall away. Thirteen confetti pieces represent the porvinces and territories.


February 2000

Designed by John Jaciw
Windsor, Ontario

This coin represents Canada's hope for the future - a model society with prosperous farms, innovative cities, and rapid and safe transportation, with an eye toward space.


March 2000

Designed by Daryl ann Dorosz
Calgary, Alberta

The Ocean, land, and mountains on this coin symbolize the pioneer spirit of the past. The rocket flying toward the stars symbolizes the pioneer spirit of the future.


April 2000

Designed by Anny Wassef
Beaconsfield, Quebec

This coin honores the men and women who dedicate their lives to helping the sick. The snake on the staff represents the medical profession, and the ribbon represents the need for medical research to end suffering.

Natural Legacy

May 2000

Designed by Randy Trantau
Ajax, Ontario

This coin shows a picture of rain, a fish in a lake, and a tree. It is a reminder to save the environment. Without fresh water, plants and animals will not be able ro servive.


June 2000

Designed by Haver Demirer
Tronto, Ontario

This coin takes the maple leaf and turns it into a symbol of peace. Each figure in the leaf is connected at the root and is aware of the rights and needs of others. If any figure drops, all will fall away.


July 2000

Designed by Laura Paxton
Thunder Bay, Ontario

Laura, at age 13, designed this coin to honore Canada's birthday on July 1. Children hold the flag as fireworks explode around them. They wish Canada a Happy Birthday many more to come in the new millennium.


August 2000

Designed by Wade Stephen Baker
Vancouver, British Columbia

As wolves are loyal and take care of the entire pack, this coin is a reminder that it takes a community to raise a child. Two wolves face each other to symbolize that parents should communicate for the benefit of their children.


September 2000

Designed by Cezar Serbanescu
Montreal, Quebec

As the sun both rises on the future and sets on the past, this coin shows a maple leaf - symbplizing Canada's heritage - being passed from the people of the old millennium to the children of the next. Cezar was 16 when he made this design.


October 2000

Designed by Eric (Kong Tat) Hui
Tronto, Ontario

This coin blends the art of past and future millenniums. The strong culture of First Nations people and Canadian's love of nature dissolve into computer wire-frames to show Canada's leading role in computer technology and art.


November 2000

Designed by Kathy Vinish
Calgary, Alberta

This coin shows children with their hands raised in joy and joined in unity. They walk into the rising sun, which represents Canada's bright future of freedom, security, peace, honour, and strength of character.


December 2000

Designed by Michelle Thibodeau
St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec

In the eyes of 12-years-old Michelle, the future of Canada is no different from the present. This coin shows Canada as the center of the world surrounded by things people need to live well: industry, recreation, and a healthy environment.

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