1999 Millennium coins:
Drawing on the Past

A Country Unfolds

Janualy 1999

Designed by Peter Ka-Kin Poon
Aylmer, Quebec

On this coin a totem pole, a native Canadian, an 18th century settler, and a Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer combine to form the number 1999.

Etched in Stone

February 1999

Designed by Lonnie Springer
Calgary, Alberta

This coin depicts a man, a horse, and a warrior with a shield that were painted more than a thousand years ago on the cliffs at Writing-On-Stone Provincial Park in Alberta.

The Log Drive

March 1999

Designed by Marjolaine Lavoie
Sept-Iles, Quebec

This coin was launched in Lunenberg, Nova Scotia, the site of North America's first sawmill, built in 1632. This coin depicts a logger on a log drive.

Our Northern Heritage

April 1999

Designed by Kenojuak Ashevak
Cape Dorset, Nunavut

The launch of this coin honours Inuit culture and the birth of the territory of Nunavut in April 1, 1999. It shows an owl, symbolizing wisdom, and a bearm symbolizing power and kindness.

The Voyageurs

May 1999

Designed by Sergiy Minenok
Surrey, British Columbia

This coin shows voyageurs and an aboriginal guide. From the 1600s to the 1800s, voyageurs traveled aliong the shoreline of Canada's rivers by canoe, trading furs and exploring new lands.

From Coast to Coast

June 1999

Designed by Gordon Ho
Nepean, Ontario

This coin portrays an early 20th century stream engine. It honours the thousands of workers who built the railways that connect Canada from coast to coast.

A Nation of People

July 1999

Designed by Maria H. Sarkany
Burlington, Ontario

One continuous line draws six people representing law and order, learning, teaching, the arts, and the love of nature and sports. the unbroken line symbolize Canadians united by their diviersity.

The Pioneer Spirit

August 1999

Designed by Alzira Botelho
Edomonton, Alberta

This coin shows a pioneer man and woman loading wheat onto a cart pulled by a horse. The coin honours the people who came from other countries to work the land and build new lives in Canada.

Canada Through A Child's Eye

September 1999

Designed by Claudia Bertrand
Beauport, Quebec

This coin portrays the children of Canada holding hands in friendship and peace. Claudia, at the age of 10, is the youngest person to design a Canadian coin.

A Tribute to First Nations

October 1999

Designed by Jason Edward Read
North Vancouver, British Columbia

This coin shows an eagle representing the sky, a bear representing land, an orca representing water. It honours the original people who lived in Canada and their love of nature.

The Airplane Opens the North

November 1999

Designed by Brian R. Bacon
Winnipeg, Manitoba

This coin honours bush planes and their polots. The planes brought mail and supplies to people in hard-to-reach parts of Canada. They werealso used for exploration and transpotation.

This is Canada

December 1999

Designed by J.L. Pierre Provencher
Nicolet, Quebec

Images of native dwellings, cities,, mountains, forests, wheat fields, and industry combine to symbolize the great heritage of Canada.

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